pinnet News

In the following we will inform you about developments regarding pinnet. Please bear in mind that the website is purely a leisure time project.


  • In your pinnet account you can now restart the expiration for several boards all at once. The 90-day retention period until automatic deletion then starts all over again.


  • If a pinnet account has been created but not confirmed in time, the verification link expires. An alternative verification should be possible via the “Forgot password” method, which was previously prevented by an application bug. This bug has now been fixed.


  • The efficiency of the programme code was improved.
  • In addition to GIF, JPG, PNG and WebP you can also use AVIF graphic files in the boards from now on. The support for AVIF is in a beta state.


  • ⚠️ Server maintenance tonight at 22:30 CEST.


  • Various improvements of database efficiency and some code maintenance.


  • Various improvements of code efficiency and overall stability.


  • If a board may only be edited by admins, all other users will access it in a auto-refresh mode.
  • When new boards are set up with password and email-verification, then the image upload will be enabled by default.


  • You can now also add or remove images to/from existing cards.
  • If an expiry is entered for a card, it is now sufficient to enter the date - the time will then automatically be set to the end of the day (23:59).
  • URLs that contain a # are now correctly recognized.


  • If a device is only used as a display screen, you can activate the automatic refresh for new content.
  • From now on, pinnet counts accessing a password-protected board as board activity. The same applies if a board is accessed from a registered pinnet account. Advantage: The pinboard is not considered inactive and therefore the 90-day deletion period is automatically extended.
  • Daily summaries by email sometimes were corrupted when new comments had links in them. That bug is now fixed.


  • Various improvements of code efficiency and overall stability.


  • Boards are now better protected against spam from automated bots.


  • When creating a card that includes a picture, the image is shown already as a preview before uploading.
  • The rarely used feature of assigning a priority for certain cards on the board is now only available for board admins (and not for regular users anymore).


  • When logged in with your pinnet account, you can now set and manage bookmarks for all your preferred boards. Setting a bookmark is possible on the “Settings” page of a board.
  • Automatic conversion of entered Internet addresses into clickable links has been improved.
  • English translation for the pinnet member area has been improved.
  • Several bugfixes, e.g. for emptying all trash bins via the pinnet account.


  • Security for general logins and account registrations has been improved.
  • If you create a password-protected board while logged in to a verified pinnet account, then the option for picture uploads is automatically enabled.
  • Confirmation emails for password-protected boards contained a display error which is fixed now.


  • Subscribers of daily board summaries receive emails that are visually more appealing. The summaries now also show the card colours, for example.
  • Caching has been improved: If an image is deleted and a new one with the same name is uploaded, the browser now immediately displays the new picture.


  • The input fields for opening or creating pinboards no longer report an error when capital letters are used. Instead, the upper-case characters are automatically converted to lower case.
  • Various improvements of code efficiency and overall stability.


  • If you use the same internet connection in your group (e.g. with the same wifi access point), then the obligation to enter a board password can optionally be omitted for you. That makes pinnet easier to use for seminars or for bulletin boards in offices.


  • Using pinnet has become more comfortable for international users: system emails follow your language settings better, and the pinnet account pages can be used in English language, too.
  • pinnet now uses up-to-date security and validation mechanisms for all e-mails (DKIM, DMARC).
  • The visual styling of e-mails has been impproved
  • The display of board headers has been improved for smaller screens.


  • In cards and comments you have more formatting options than before, e.g. [s]strikethrough[/s], [sup]superscript[/sup] and [sub]subscript[/sub]. The syntax is similar to HTML tags.


  • Boards use available space on big screens better than before.
  • The subscription form under a board is using up less space on smaller displays.


  • In addition to transferring cards to other boards, pinnet now allows to copy cards to other boards. All comments will be duplicated to the other board, too. If the card contained an image and the target board allows media files, images will be copied as well.
  • When transferring cards to other boards, image files are also transferred. If the target board does not allow media files, the entire card will not be moved.
  • When transferring a card to another board, permission settings are followed stricter than before.
  • A problem with uploads of animated GIFs has been solved.


  • Bugfix: Linking of boards works again also for pinboards without pinnet user accounts.
  • Bugfix: Sometimes public links to non-existant boards led to a blank page. Now the “open a board” page is shown.
  • Users that are logged on to their pinnet account can now also access their boards as admins automatically when they access them via browser bookmarks or public links.


  • Improved account creation and password reset features.


  • Keep track of your boards and activities with a pinnet account: Click at “Login“ in the top menu and register a free account.


  • Several minor bugs were fixed and the database integrity has been improved.


  • The filter for inappropriate expressions is greatly improved: the vocabulary was vastly extended and pinnet recognises many more variants than before.


  • User contributions are now better protected against attacks on the user's device, so that the user does not trigger unintended actions (Cross-Site-Request-Forgery).


  • If you like pinnet and would like to support its continued operation, it is easy to do so now:


  • Several aspects have been improved for better compatibility with screenreaders and general accessibility.


  • The view of a board has been improved for screenreaders and for general accessibility.
  • If a card had zero comments, the counter update on some browsers showed a HTML code instead of an empty space. For easier understanding it simply shows the number “0” from now on.


  • We have further improved the code efficiency of pinnet. As a result, the pages appear slightly faster than before, especially in situations of increased activity on the server.


  • In order to secure a positive experience for the increasing number of pinnet users, we have expanded the server capacity.


  • The filter for inappropriate expressions was greatly improved: it recognises many more variants than before.


  • Below a pinboard you can now also display the linked boards. That makes switching between the boards in seminars or workshops much easier. This board-link footer is an alternative to the already existing subscribe-me footer. In order to change the footers, you need to be logged on as a board owner.


  • If a board is password-protected, you were not able to bookmark the export or settings page: after login pinnet would always show the selected pinboard itself. You would then have to click your way through to the settings or export pages. The direct access is now possible, even if a login is required.
  • If you are using a pinnet board on different, bigger screen sizes, it may have happened that cards disappeared to the top or to the left for smaller screens. pinnet compensates such problematic positioning now (upon reloading a page).


  • If you tried to reject the board ownership via the confirmation link, an error had occurred. The feature works again.
  • If a browser session is deleted while accessing a board, an empty page instead of a forwarding to the home page may have been displayed.


  • Owners of a board can now decide whether the user interface is in the same language for all board users or if the user themselves can decide about the language individually as before.
  • If no email address had been provided during the creation of a board or in case the email address was wrong, pinnet did not offer the possibility to correct or add the email address at a later stage. Both is now possible.
  • Clicking on a verification link of an email had resulted in logging off from all boards. Now the current boards and user permissions stay in place.
  • The box to add a new note was invisible in one of the permission levels when it actually should have been displayed.


  • Besides GIF, JPG and PNG you can now also upload WEBP graphics.
  • Animated GIFs will also keep animations in their smaller previews.
  • The user interface and application code were improved on various smaller issues.


  • Pinboard owners may enable the uploading of images via the settings. By default, this feature is deactivated. One image can be added per card. GIF, JPG and PNG formats are permitted. The upload feature can be found under the button « ↓ More » when creating a card.
    The prerequisite for picture uploads is that the pinboard is password-protected and has a confirmed e-mail address of the board owner.
  • Items in the trash bin will be auto-deleted after 7 days. Before, the deletion was only executed after 14 days. The reduction was introduced because many users were not fully aware that the interim step of a trash bin exists.
  • If a user only had the right to read but not to write comments, then the other comments were overlapping each other. That is now fixed.
  • When a pinboard owner had restricted certain features, some may have still been available to regular users.


  • If the user interface is set to English locale, also the HTML meta information will be set correctly.
  • Missing translations were added.


  • A bug from yesterday's update was been fixed: the confirmation of email addresses for boards could fail.
  • The daily summaries do not contain HTML anymore when they are sent in text format.
  • If you try to re-access a used unsubscribe link, there will no longer be a code error, but just a hint that the task is not valid (anymore).


  • In order to protect the pinnet system better from overload, the creation of several new boards within a short timeframe is limited now.


  • In order to prevent spamming of board contents, the recognition of automated bots has been improved.


  • Cards may now have angular and roundish shapes. You can switch between two shapes by clicking on the shape button on the upper left side of card.
  • The cards are now displayed with the same font on all devices.
  • By accident new boards had been created with the simple view mode, which omits the card footers. Now new boards are again created in extended mode with all features available by default.
  • Switching between German and English versions of pinnet just got easier: click on the flag on the uppper right side.


  • Until now only the board access password for regular participants could be changed. The owner's password was fixed. That has changed: via the «Forgot password?» feature it is now ensured that board owners can no longer lose access to the administrative settings.
  • The footer area of a board has been reworked. Some of the display/view settings can now be found under the [👁 View] button.


  • The pinnet news page is now available in English language as well.
  • We have solved some minor problems that occurred when saving the settings of a board or when the card input field was switched off and on.


  • Some Apple devices were not able to interpret the confirmation links to newly set up boards. From now on pinnet sends out more compatible links.


  • When accessing the export view, you may now choose whether to include comments and star ratings as well.
  • Bugfix: an update some days ago had caused the problem that the subscription form was no longer visible.
  • The English translation of pinnet gets more and more complete.


  • Until now only one board at a time could be open in the browser session. Especially for seminar settings that was not too practical. Such limitation is now gone: you can open additional boards at any time via the navigation menu on the top right side, in order to use them in separate browser tabs or windows.
  • pinnet now appears in a more modern design. And it has a logo now!
  • Pinboard owners can choose from more diverse range of options of what their participants may or may not do: write, delete, move, colourize…
  • Finally pinnet gets multilingual! The English version is the first available translation. Currently about 60% is translated. English devices or browsers are recognised automatically. If you want to choose manually, you can switch with the following links: English ( und German (

In case you find any mistakes or want to contribute to the translations, please do not hesitate to contact us: